Project Control Process

The objective of the development control process is to provide a diligent and corporately responsibly standardized approach for the executive management of FABCO Solutions Clients to give the go/no go decision on commitments on legal and financial matters for the investment in capital works projects. It is based on a risk management philosophy, whereby key aspects of a capital works project have been investigated/developed, so that the certainty of outcomes( business objectives such as profit) at each stage of the project are evident.


This allows:

  • Capital investments/expenditure to be made in accordance with corporate policies and financial authority levels
  • Integrates the interest of key stakeholders in the progression of a project.
  • Provides a standard management toolkit of documentation for corporate consideration and decision making.

The development control process combines a 3 tier project organization structure, with a set of Control, Gateways to create the go/no go decisions points. The 3 tier project organization structure is set around the authority levels for decision making and allocation of responsibility. It provides clear differential between day to day management of the project and executive approvals as required by corporate policies

These gateways control when and how a project moves from one stage of its life cycle to the next and the level of capital commitment and expenditure authorized.

PCP has a standard project life cycle for capital works projects, comprising the key stages of:

  • Concept
  • Development
  • Design and Procure
  • Construct and Handover

The Development Control Process comprises the following Control Gateways:

  • Connector.

    Gateway 1-a

    Identification of an opportunity

  • Connector.

    Gateway 1-b

    Approval of opportunity

  • Connector.

    Gateway 2

    Project Appraisal

  • Connector.

    Gateway 3-a

    Outline Design Review

  • Connector.

    Gateway 3-b

    Approval of Submission for Planning Approval

  • Connector.

    Gateway 4

    Detailed Design Review

  • Connector.

    Gateway 5

    Construction Procurement

  • Connector.

    Gateway 6

    Pre Completion Handover and Occupation Review

  • Connector.

    Gateway 7

    Post Completion Project Close Out

The alignment of these Control Gateways and the project life cycle stages is illustrated in the below.

A key component of the and the development control process is the project organisation structure and how this structure allows for decision making and delegation of responsibilities.
Central to this structure is the application of the concept of Senior Responsible Owner(SRO) for a project. The SRO is the individual selected/nominated by the organisation to take ownership and hence accountability for a project. It requires that appropriate powers and authority are resided within this role, as set out by this development control process.
In general Clients normally capital works projects will originate through either on+going operations or new ventures brought about through business development activities. The SRO is therefore likely to be a senior representative from one of these business units/streams.

Why Fabco Solutions?

Fabco Solutions, ensure that sufficient data is at hand at all times, deviations can be quickly managed in ways that will support project objectives and stakeholders while minimizing the disruption to the project’s execution.